Insurance Billing for Everything Home Birth and Birth Center Related

Your Birth Team’s Administrative Support

As mothers, we know firsthand how expensive it is to have a baby. Our mission is to do everything in our power to get insurance companies to pay back as much of your child’s birth as possible.

Picture of Amanda

Alisha Hanson-Glatzel | President

Type-A, Mom of 2

20+ years of medical billing created her super power. Legit likes helping families gain access to midwifery care through insurance reimbursement. Billed her own births, found out she was great at it. Started helping other people do it. Made it rain reimbursements. Word got out. EarthSide Billing Inc. was born.

Picture of Amanda

Amanda Bancroft | Insurance Specialist

Professional Hoop Jumper, Mom of 3

Master of in-network exceptions. Champion of the follow-up call. Expert at navigating loopholes and maneuvering GAP exceptions. Ducks are always in a row. Insurance companies know her by name.