Insurance Billing for Everything Home Birth and Birth Center Related
Alisha, Aspen, and Saige

My Story

As an Office/Billing Manager for a neurosurgical practice in Campbell, California I’ve learned the intricacies of dealing with insurance companies. EarthSide Billing, is my way of extending a hand to help families obtain maximum reimbursement for the birth they desire.

My husband and I welcomed our daughters earthside, at home, with the assistance of midwives. Their births were beautiful and amazing experiences. However, when it came time to get reimbursed from our insurance company, I was glad I had 7 years of medical billing experience to navigate the complexities and appeals necessary to obtain reimbursement. Since then I’ve become an expert in home and birth center billing. Founded in 2017, EarthSide has helped many families welcome their little ones earthside and helped to minimize the stress of dealing with the insurance companies while maximizing reimbursements.

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